Sunday, November 03, 2013

Selected Images from 'Doom Patrol' #s 115 & 116 / Excerpts from the Nov./Dec. 1967 Two-Issue Story Arc

Cover art by Bob Brown / Below: the B&W art...
And here's my personal variation, because I couldn't resist.
I thought for a couple of days about what the new phrase should be that I would put into the caption bubble, and then realized at the last minute what an appropriate slogan would be.
The 'Res' logo was drawn very quickly one morning, and I went ahead and used the rough first take, as I like it well enough. If it was a paying gig, I would re-draw and polish it, but it was mainly created just to share on Facebook as a joke amongst Residents/comic book fans.
 Below, the splash page from #115. All interior art is by the wonderful BRUNO PREMIANI, with a script by ARNOLD DRAKE. This two-part story is chock full of typically grotesque Premiani creations.
And since I have B&W versions of these stories, here's another peculiar variation:
Following: more panels from #115 -------
That crazy two-panel sequence above is so striking that I'm offering it in several variations:
And, to finish up -- here's a panel from the second part of this tale, in issue #116. I won't spoil the ending by showing you how the DP triumph over Blinky, here, and his pals.