Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recap of 2009 to 2011 - the Missing Chapter

me in 2010, hangin' with the Coxcombs.
Below: nine shots from the April 2008 visit to North Carolina, camping and hiking with my WNC pals and their doggies.

License plate seen in Asheville: "LARDGNAW". A word that caught our fancy.
Plaque on a wall in Asheville, NC.
Below: two shots from the October 2009 visit - just before my move out there.
Lovely sunset light against a dark, stormy sky.
Below, four pics from a trip to Max Patch state park, 2010.

The neighbor's snowman, winter 2009.

Next, five shots from the visit to California in January 2010, for the Big City Orchestra 30th Anniversary celebrations. First we see das and me in a reunion concert live on the radio in their studio, the first music we'd made together in 13 or so years; a lovely visit!
Next four pics: Rob Wortman and I (as Hassan Bin Sober) playing at the BCO 30th Anniversary gig in San Francisco. Shot #2: singing "Little Pussy" a capella, shot #4: the "Fiend Master Freak" finale of our section.

The weeping cherry tree in bloom in the spring, and a view from our porch.

View from above our house, looking down our road to the south.
A tree shot with red flash, part of a sequence of experimental shots.

Hillary's dad's koi pond in Commerce, GA.
Two shots of the fire pit I hand-built in early 2010. A lot of BIG stones were rolled about to form it -- love that thing!

Next, five pics from nearby Marshall, North Carolina.
One of the MANY quilt-art pieces to be seen in our tri-county area.
Marshall has some prettier views, but I love back alleys, and so this shot gets in, rather than several others.
This old-school cherry-top black and white police cruiser is really something. Dig the antique license plate and the junk piled in back of the car.
Other than a modern car barely visible in the distance, this view has probably remained the same for the last 100-plus years.
Two pics from my local town, Mars Hill.
The quilt-art projects are often on the side of old barns.
Whilst driving through Illinois, I stopped in Lake of Egypt and saw this T-shirt that tickled me greatly. How insulting to use a mummy of a famous Pharaoh in such a way - but how hilarious!
Christmas night, 2010, and our neighbor's barn and their tree all lit up, with the colored lights shining through the snow piled on the branches.
Winter 2010 - another heavy one!
Two shots from some nighttime-colored-flash experiments, these using some large wind-bent icicles that I'd planted in the yard. A detail from one of this series is used in the design of the CD cover shown a ways below.

One of the official F.O. Club vehicles.
First snow, 2010.
Neighbors at work on their Snow Bum, winter 2010-11.
Finished Snow Bum, shot with red light.
And full figure.
He lasted on and on and on, but finally suffered from the warmth, here he is later, again shot with red flash, and I love the color effect of the warm light popping up into his hat.
One of a series of shots taken through kaleidoscope, 2010.
Three pics exhibiting the wicked Autumn colors that we enjoy in these parts.

The 'Rebar Chicken' (Iron Cock) that I brought out from Missouri.

'Misty Mountain Hop'
The three-part cover art for my latest CD self-release in 2011.

The 'poster' insert showing a lifetime's-worth of pics of me with a musical instrument or gear of some kind. Featuring Hoodsy the Crack Owl on the turntables.
A rainbow over the holler, 2011.
Three shots from Spring 2011.

Our ever-growing black-light gallery.
A favorite place to draw and paint in warmer weather.
A typical picture sent to me from Tyler out in California.
Two pics of our toolshed. The second showing some of the many birdhouses that hang off of it.

Can't resist showing off the Star Trek Autographed Pics wall.
Shot with red flash against dark, stormy sky.
Watering a garden, 2011.

Shells from a recent trip to Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina.
Campground sign from same, defaced and abused by raccoons.
(at the bottom) Our Xmas card from 2010, with the lovely dog, Keen (and her sabre-teeth).

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