Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm still out here- just too busy to post to BlogSpot as often as I'd like!

Apologies to those few readers who've checked in here this summer, since between my 'new' job and my other webpage activities, I haven't been using/updating this page as I should be.
However, I have been posting every two weeks at WFMU, since January '09, and those blogs can impart some of my thoughts and actions, and that's found at:
And I'm also regularly posting 'interesting' and humorous items in Facebook under my 'real name' page, as DREW DOBBS.
I still plan to do some custom blogs in here in the future, and in the meantime, please read my blog on WFMU faithfully every other Saturday night, as it will no doubt improve your love life immeasurably.
Oh- before I forget, there's also my delightful page on FLICKR, full of photos to be seen only on that site:
I should also plug my 'new' cd release: "Music From the Center of Nowhere" on Auricular (Yay!) Records, as of July, 2009. More info in here:
Or someplace on that website, anyhoo.
Cheers until then,

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