Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Walk Around The BIG HOUSE

Further ahead in my blog a ways, in my Autobiographical section, I have ONE photo of this 1903 house that was the second one we lived in in Missouri. Recently I found a stack of pictures giving a full walk around this place, when I thought that there'd been only ONE shot left of it. It turns out there were a LOT.
It was our second haunted house in Warrensburg. We moved into this one to own it. This was the house where we had the pet skunk, and our St. Bernard, Nana.
I still own a comic book that I found in the house in 1967, the only thing I carried away from it. After my parents divorced, we sold it to the Good family, and they have owned it ever since 1967 or so. It is now a bed-and-breakfast place http://www.bbonline.com/mo/goodhouse/
This bushy side-yard looks poor here in this winter shot, but was a lovely privacy berm in the warm months.
Ahh, now we've crept up into the front yard.
Despite the bare trees - a bush blooms near the driveway.
Huge, huge huge, SO much house for a family of three! No wonder we later rented out the middle room on the second floor.
Me and my mum out in front.
Check the sturdy support there under the porch/pull-up overhang! Nowadays they've built the porch out to reach all the way over to the edge of the roof. Our VW bus sits nearby.
When I found these shots recently, I was shocked while looking around the place at how run-down and messed-up it looked. If it was me today--I'd steer away from it! It looks like a great big fat challenge- a big houseful. They must have had fix-up mania (I know they had antiques-collecting mania).
The carriage house. This was demolished right after we sold the place. Too bad- it was a rare and cool feature. I've lived in two places that had carriage houses attached. I had some fun times exploring that big barn.

The back patio and yard. The bleak winter views make the place seem that much more blasted and haunted.

And the back yard. Well, that's our walk around the old house. Perhaps someday I'll add some pictures here of what the place looks like today, really not all that different- the yard was dozed and cleared and some remodeling was done to the house, not really altering it all that much. I'd like to stay there at the B&B sometime...

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