Friday, February 29, 2008

The Upstairs Studio / Current PICs

By request, here's a short tour of the studio (we'll do the rest of the house on a future blog, as it's such a museum!). These were shot on the cusp of a nasty weeklong bout of 'flu, so the room was beginning to pile up a bit. Shamelessly, I'll let it be seen in this state...

Actually a lovely wrought-iron bed under all of that.

I see some antique hymnals and songbooks lying down there by the slit drum....mmmm, old music, yum.
yup, Mechagodzilla card, signed by four Japanese monster (and Kurasawa) film stars, none of whom were in Mechagodzilla, but it was the best thing I had to take to the theatre that night and have 'em sign. I sorta screwed them, too, as we were supposed to buy the stills that they'd brought with them to be signed, the usual routine. But I always have to break some rules...(they were thrilled, anyway!)
One of the infamous "custom" PEEs, "Mug-Shot Pee", reposing on his shelf.
Gee, that reminds me of a story: in January, I believe it was, of 2007, Paul Rubens was in SF at Amoeba to do a signing, and after hemming and hawing about whether I wanted to go in there- as I knew it would be a freakin' ZOO, I finally went and got my "ticket" to get in line (actually, you "had" to buy a Pee-Wee DVD of some sort, they would supposedly check everyone's receipts, which of course those morons didn't do, they faked me out! Nor could their SUPER-surly staff of "strong-arm" types, called in to "manage" the crowd keep ANY sort of order in the room, it was pretty pathetic. But anyway---that's beside the point).
What I really regretted was, that I didn't bring my two customized PEEs down there to be signed (actually, I was just gonna bring the Black Pee, "Brother PEE"), I backed out as I didn't want to stand around with it for hours and feel like a freak. --WELL, DUH-! I was pretty shocked at all of the shameless folks bringing sealed-in-the-box PEE WEE merchandise in for him to sign, so that they could turn it over handsomely on EBAY. Anyhoo----it would have been really cool to get my doll signed, and it might have even gotten a rise out of the totally-numbed-out Mr. Rubens, to be confronted with a black Pee Wee. But I did get my DVD signed, and I took an antique book along to give him, which did throw him slightly.

Above, facing west, below, the east side.
And here's where you'll find me picking away on an average day, at some point. The other day it was "Gentle On My Mind" (!), lord, what a wordy song. Until next time, cheers.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Jack Kirby "EYE Panels"

Panels from "2001: A Space Odyssey" # 4, 1976

I wanted to repost this link to one of my favorite early blogs:
-since Jack Kirby's work is always a joy to wallow in. This post has several things in it (at that time I hadn't begun organizing my posts well), along with the collection of EYE PANELS.
After re-watching "2001..." the other night, I've pulled out Jack's comic book series that spun off from it, and am reading those again.
I wish I'd kept that big 'ol "Treasury Edition" of his from the film, but then there are a LOT of Kirby comics that I shouldn't have parted with...Thank goodness I kept as many as I did, after my big comic sellout.
KIRBY EYE PANELS, ya gotta love 'em. I was amused
recently while re-reading a quote from Jim Woodring referring to an animation storyboard drawn by Kirby wherein he used an extreme closeup of eyes, and, "...the shot called for panning from the left eye to the right while two minutes of dialogue were spoken." which, as a director really cracks me up. Good 'ol Jack.

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