Sunday, January 27, 2008


A magic box which plays
All-original music produced by the Mindwrecker; either solo, or with the NEIGHBORHOOD BASS COALITION.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

1930's RESTAURANT MENU / "Bern's" in Milwaukee, WI

Here we have the complete menu from "BERN'S", along with it's two pages of specials; printed up on BLATZ beer company menu-paper. Judging from the prices and the beer graphics I'd place it in the 30's, but it could be a bit later.

They served Kellog's PEP. --A class joint.

I'll have the supreme special steak, please.

Hamburgers five cents, home made pie ten cents. Half of a square meal.
I do always enjoy a midnight hot club.

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Monday, January 07, 2008


Time again for an update into the bizarre webworld of the Mindwrecker. Here are some highly logical links to lose your mind in:
First, the HUGE new 20-year-plus Art Gallery, with a scary selection of visual material from my painting, illustration and cartooning career, featuring wild kink, as well as ephemera from my many bands (mentioned ad nauseum in my personal profile, over to your right)
that is right next door at:

and then if your eyes survive that assault, there's a newish community online that's designed in a very MySpace-like way, but without the abhorrent ads and excessive ageism and yo-yos (you know who you are!) to be found at:
That's my page there, but go ahead and check out some of the other oddballs that live there. They started it back in November 2006, and I was recently invited in to pollute their pond; boy'll they be sorry...
And while Spocky and I are here today, let's go over some of the other lovely compukillers that Drew's got up online:
For beautiful field-recordings, no music, no vocals, just lovely nature sounds, we recommend you pull into:
Which is somewhat famous for having been removed twice already from MySpace/the digital ghetto, inexplicable, as it was the most harmless, soothing, and beloved page in there.

And if you're REALLY daring, you should try and fill up your ipods regularly from the fantastic well of goodies emanating from:
which is all SPOKEN WORD downloads, all the time. Oh, baby!

And, lastly, there's my four pages of fine original music and noise downloads at the sites:
(that one is a complete LP from the infamous Neighborhood Bass Coalition)

Cheers, Live Long And Fester

Friday, January 04, 2008


Painting by Ruth Dobbs, 1976

That bad kitty

Antique metal candy box, inside of lid
Hobby horse, exactly like one I used to ride in the early '60s

Ruth has quite the collection of huge old lard cans; I managed to snag this one that lived in the barn already.
Sweet wooden compartment box, found buried amidst the barn junk; four feet long. I recovered a lot of wooden boxes and crates, even more than I currently need.
Ruth's older saddle
The nail, screw, and wire storage area
Round Oak brand woodstove, too heavy to move, so it's become a storage unit.

An extra horsey lying around makes a nice ceiling ornament.
That's the barn tour. More farm updates as the year wears on.

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